In general, we all expect disappointment. Deep down, pessimism is the rule, not the exception. It is only man’s innate need for conquest and the compulsion of the will that disallows him from recognizing that, at his core, he is always a failure in the making.

If this were not the case, none of us would shirk away from the burden of unconditional commitment. We wouldn’t find it necessary to diversify against the losses and failures of life in the same way the investor diversifies his portfolio.

Kierkegaard knew that few, if any at all, of his readers would ever make the “leap of faith” and become full-fledged knights. No, we are all the movers of infinite resignation.

This is why modern man has neither the ear nor the stomach for pessimism. For the pessimist reminds him of that which he has worked so hard to suppress within himself so as to forget.

I see no point whatsoever in pretending to be something I’m not. Nor do I see any value of any kind in the insipid pursuit for fame, fortune, and glory. I seek nothingness and solitude.


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