On the Decrepitude of the Occident

So-called “modern” Western culture was the history of one disaster after another.  An entire epoch so consumed by nihilistic self-satisfaction that it was blinded to the ravenous decay and contamination from within.

Today, Western culture, for its part, is the embodiment of dispirited indifference in reaction to its own inherited history of disaster; an apathetic nihilism in which everything is reduced to functional usefulness and standing reserve.  .

Throughout the ages, every epoch has contributed something to the greater understanding of being, if only such contributions are to be appreciated by its progeny. We, on the other hand, have nothing; want nothing; and thus, can expect only nothing.


What can be done? Absolutely nothing! We don’t even know how to diagnose the problem, much less figure out how to fix it. The underwhelming culmination of Western decline is behind us; we’re now embedded in the stage of rigor mortis.

But more importantly – this only assumes that there’s something worth saving to begin with!

If there comes a time when it seems reasonable to chop off the foot to save the whole body; then there must also be a point in time when it becomes simply too late, and one must let death take its natural course. This is the point in which one recognizes that hope is completely lost, and in the absence of anything worth saving, our efforts are entirely worthless. Nothing is worth anything anymore. Drained of all energy…Why bother?

We are disappointments par excellence.


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