Pseudo-philosophical fragments of nothingness

Insofar as “truth,” or anything at all deserving of that name, may be said to exist, it does so in accordance with two basic types: the first is the truth that renders all possibility impossible; the second is the remedy for the empty void created by the first.

The former is consigned to oblivion; the latter we call “history.”


If history were indeed to have an “end,” would it make us feel any better about anything at all? I think not. It could only make us more aware of how miserably we’ve failed. Any historical interpretation that posits a telos will necessarily induce a collective collapse of self-esteem — for in the end, our inborn inadequacy renders everything hopeless.  Is existence itself not painful enough without some standard of progress by which to measure ourselves against?


Why am I constantly being asked to make some sacrifice for posterity? Whether to recycle, to solve the nation’s debt crisis, or maintain a suitable public education system? What right have they to be happy? Much less at my expense?


Humans are incapable of caring about the health of the planet intrinsically. This is necessarily so because we all know that the planet Earth itself preceded us; and no doubt, will long survive after our inevitable extinction. In this sense, all environmentalism is the expression of an underlying anthropocentric narcissism. After all, it’s not the planet we care about…but its ability to sustain our degenerate species.


Deep down, all of us secretly wish to be absolved of existence. The will to life? Nay; the will to death!


One must not confuse negative freedom, the most base form of freedom to simply be ‘left alone’, with the negative of freedom, which necessarily involves the burden of choice and the closing off of possibility.


Optimism is like a pair of crutches; useful to the afflicted and disabled; but hopelessly cumbersome and unnecessary for everyone else incapable of the unreality of positive illusion.


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