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Our nihilism

Is there any better expression of nihilism than two opposing sides of men willing to lay waste to one another — both in the name of the very same ‘Absolute?’

Unfortunately, our nihilism today is far less heroic and incomparably less tragic; but rather, our nihilism is banality par excellence. Ours is the nihilism of post-modern secular humanism run amok.

Our nihilism has disemboweled mankind.  Now he lacks the stomach for the tragic; he lacks the fortitude to throw himself into the abyss of nothingness. Our man, the “last man,”  the “mass-man” prefers the comforts of the sofa over Quixotic adventurism; the security of the crowd over the desolation of solitude; the utility of modern technology over authentic being.

The epoch of blonde beasts is no more — and in its place we’ve been delivered over to the epoch of mass-man, that pernicious rational maximizer of utility and comfort; security and happiness; and decadence and tranquility. This is our sickness.

Our age will be remembered as that infamous epoch which lacked sufficient imagination to even convince itself that suicide could not be a preferable option over the inconvenience of existence.