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The anatomy of pessimism

All pessimism takes the form of a negation, and necessarily so. It is a contradiction that defines itself entirely within its own contradiction; or, more aptly, it is the negation that negates its own negation; a renunciation of the resigning spirit forever doomed to negative possibility.

Pessimism is thus understood as the antithesis of all active and constructive bodies of thought; the antithesis to the rational ordering of the world and existence. Had our ancestors all been thoroughgoing pessimists, our species would have surely died out long ago.

It is the disquieting song of the tearful despair of existence… it signifies the life in which everything is rejected because only nothingness prevails.

Only pessimism possesses the intellectual honesty and integrity to admit that it itself is ultimately doomed to fail. Taken to its logical extreme then, the most radical and global form of pessimism will invariably transform itself into the most complete and tragic existential nihilism. All value, all meaning, all relations, and all of existence drowned in the abyss of infinite nothingness.