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The subjectivity of suffering

Of all the asinine things that people tend to do, the habit of discounting suffering, my suffering, as if there were an objective standard of measurement by which one’s own suffering may be compared to — is the most asinine of all.

Experiential suffering always and only exists in actuality in the internal contradictions of the consciousness of the Self. In this sense, suffering is first and foremost beyond the reach of the objectifying tendencies of empirical knowledge.

To the “Others,” it may only become “knowable” through existence. That is, the Self exists in the world through his suffering. In such a way, the suffering is transfigured from subjectivity to objectivity. There is no “correspondence” between my sensation of suffering and the outside world; nothing by which it may be compared to — and thus no hierarchy upon which my own suffering may placed in comparison to the suffering of others.

It is in this sense that my suffering is absolute for me. It is my subjective truth — dwelling far within the depths of my being where the illusion of “objective knowledge” is wholly inadequate.